Penguin Is Opening Up a Women Author-Only Pop-Up Shop

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Penguin is opening up a perfect new book store: one that’s entirely stocked with titles written by women.

The store, named Like a Woman, will be a pop-up that runs March 5 to 9 in Shoreditch, London. The Guardian reports that the store will mark International Women’s Day and 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which extended the right to vote for women in the UK in 1918.

The shop will stock books by over 200 writers and titles will be grouped by categories like “essential feminist reads” and “women to watch.” There will also be events held at the store with proceeds going to Solace Women’s Aid, which supports survivors of domestic violence and abuse.


The store idea reminds me of when Loganberry Books in Cleveland decided to only display books written by women for women’s history month last year. Books written by men had their spines facing the wall and, unsurprisingly, some men cried misandry.

“Women’s voices being heard and taken seriously is key to achieving gender equality, and with the Like a Woman bookshop we’re making room for those voices to be elevated and celebrated,” Penguin Random House creative manager Zainab Juma told the Guardian. And perhaps if the store does well Penguin will consider keeping the shop up for good, because we know a celebration of women’s history and rights can and should be a year-round deal.

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I’ve been on a kick where I am deliberately only reading works by women (or gender queer folks) and honestly it has made me realize how shitty most male authors are at writing women. #NotAllMen and whatever (obviously my username comes from a book written by a man) but the difference has been really stark. I never realized how often men feel the need to describe the sexual attributes of their female characters (regardless of how relevant it is to the story) until I started reading more books by women. It’s been an awesome experience. There are so few books where an author describes a woman’s internal life and I think “yea, that sounds about right.” Seriously, can some men really not imagine that women are just human beings on the inside?