Peggy Olson Is Topless in Overalls on New York Mag Cover

What do you call "overalls" if there's nothing under them? Overnudes? Covernones? The Nipplechafe Express? Regardless, this week's issue of New York Magazine features Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss rocking the heck out of totally 90's fashion trend. Up next: butterfly clips and flannel shirts tied around waists.

The accompanying profile, by Willa Paskin examines the incredible talent behind a now-iconic character who Paskin surmises (and Moss acknowledges) was the star of Mad Men this whole time. Moss is thoughtful, self-effacing, and obviously very smart, and Peggy Olson has done more than her share to make the struggles of a woman trying to make it in a man's world accessible. Also: denim sideboob.


Moss looks lovely and the piece is a great read, but the shirtless-under-overalls trope seems like something we've seen before.


Untwist your damny straps, ladies! It's driving me bananas!

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