Peeps-Free White House Easter Is Un-American!

Illustration for article titled Peeps-Free White House Easter Is Un-American!

You know we love you, Michelle, but trading Cadbury eggs and Peeps for "prescreened-fruit" and hand-washing stations is a really nontraditional way of getting kids on board. Bringing in Justin Bieber, however, was pretty clever. [, Washington Examiner]

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It frightens me that The Bieb has infiltrated the White House, but wouldn’t Paycheck have been a better movie if Ben Affleck was a reverse engineer who, "for lucrative sums of money, analyzes his clients’ competitors’ products and designs new versions that excel above and beyond the original’s features", except the product was actually Bieber? And then Usher wiped his memory but then a microdot reveals news headlines that begin with articles about White House Bieber Easter and end with a Beiber-induced Nuclear Holocaust?