Hard Candy Fitness is now open! Madonna chose Mexico City as the first location for her gym, and as you'll see in these photos, working out at Madonna's gym means working out with Madonna watching your every move.

Everybody: Get up and do your thing. Madonna will watch your ass jiggle as you climb the stairs. And since she plans to expand this fitness business to the U.S., Brazil, Russia, and so on, soon she will see all of us, in our Spandex. She knows when you are sleeping! She knows when you're awake! Don't go for second best, baby… put your love to the test.

Madonna's all-seeing eyes really dominate the decor. "I have a history with Mexico," Madonna said at the opening. "I have a connection that I have always felt anyways because of my love and interest in Frida Kahlo." According to Reuters, there were hundreds of screaming fans outside the gym at the event, "from boys wearing 'Mexicans do it better' T-shirts to drag queens in leg warmers." Mmm, mmm… my baby's got a secret!


The Hard Candy Fitness motto is Harder Is Better™ Underneath in very tiny fine print, it reads "That's what she said™." Kidding! Do you want to see me down on my knees? Or bending over backwards now, would you be pleased? I'm not the others, I'd do anything… I'm not the same, I have no shame. I'm on fire.

Here's a little video clip of Madge at the opening event. After she answered questions on the red carpet, she taught a quick dance class for "a handful of lucky gym members handpicked by her staff." (Picture here!) No lie: My credit card is quivering in anticipation for the moment Madge starts selling Hard Candy Fitness workout clothes online. Dress you up in my love… all over, all over.


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