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"Peace" Officers Suspended After Supervising Gun-Happy Bikini Shoot

Illustration for article titled Peace Officers Suspended After Supervising Gun-Happy Bikini Shoot

I hate stereotyping, but there's a category of men who love to watch bikini-clad women wield guns. See: Spring Breakers; not exactly this relatively benign stock photo I found; a couple of "peace" officers in Utah who supervised a bunch of women in bikinis firing machine guns for a "Hot Shots" calendar.


The guards have since been suspended without pay, but now they have plenty of time to watch the photoshoot (which was videotaped, and the canary in the titty coal mine that tipped their bosses off when it aired in the press) while they think about what they did. You, too, can watch the full shoot in all its camo splendor below. (Spoiler: there's pedicabs, you guys! And squirt guns. Gotta have squirt guns at a bikini photoshoot.)

[AP Online]


Image via Shutterstock

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Is anybody else confused that cops got suspended over this, but don't get suspended over things like rape or murder? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯