Paula Deen's Sons Say It's 'Simply Baloney' to Call Her a Racist

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Jamie and Bobby Deen, also known as Paula Deen's children, are the "fun-loving" sons who operate her Savannah, Georgia restaurant The Lady & Sons. This morning they went on CNN's New Day to defend their mother from being a complete and total racist. For those who weren't avid watchers of their short-lived Food Network show Road Tasted, the appearance was an informative 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

Some highlights:


Bio: One of People's Sexiest Bachelors for 2006. "She has to be sweet. ... I don't usually date girls I wouldn't bring home to Mama." He's off the market now, sorry ladies.

  • "That's simply not true."
  • "It broke her heart to have to answer truthfully."
  • "We were raised in a family of love and faith in a house that God lived."
  • "Frankly I'm disgusted by the entire thing because it began as extortion and it has become character assassination." (One of the few actual references to the allegations being pegged against her in court and not just the terrible things she's said.)


Bio: Enjoys hashtagging words like #truth and #pray. He once had a beautiful mullet.

  • Tells a story about his parents encouraging him to love Hank Aaron, a black baseball player: "the challenges (Aaron) had to overcome because of his color was unacceptable."
  • Denies the truth of Paula's own testimony when she said she had taught her children that there are acceptable uses of the N word.
  • "This is ridiculous. It's completely absurd to think that there's an environment of racism in our business." (Second reference to the basis of the lawsuit.)
  • "Simply baloney."

Paula Deen's sons: She's no racist [CNN]

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They (and lots and lots of other people) seem to think the only “real racists” are the most extreme and violent examples of racists.

Self-identified Nazis and Klan members? “Racist, obviously!” reply the Deens.

Loving wife, mother, and grandmother who romanticizes the antebellum South and drops ‘the n-word’ regularly? “She’s from a different time! It wasn’t a big deal back then, it’s just the way things were!”