While you were at Pride this weekend covered in rainbow body glitter and making out with everyone, Paula Deen was busy figuring out how to harness the Supreme Court's pro-gay marriage ruling to her advantage. You read that right — because of last week's SCOTUS beatdown of Prop 8, the world's most delicious-smelling racist (probably, right?) is petitioning that the racial discrimination lawsuit currently deep frying her career be dismissed.

In case you're confused (I am!), CNN breaks it down:

The woman alleging that she was subjected to a hostile work environment while working as an assistant manager at Deen's restaurants is white and therefore doesn't have the "standing," or legal right, to claim racial discrimination, according to a motion filed Monday by Deen's lawyer.

The high court rejected an appeal of California's Proposition 8 law last week on the grounds that the private parties behind the appeal did not have standing to defend the ballot measure barring gay and lesbian couples from state-sanctioned wedlock.

See? Clear as Mississippi mud pie. Basically, Deen's team wants the suit against her dismissed for the same reasons that the Supreme Court determined the Prop 8 defenders didn't have a right to defend California's discriminatory constitutional amendment in court, and just as the Prop 8 defenders didn't have standing to do what they did, so too do white people not have the standing to file racial discrimination lawsuits against their N-word-dropping boss.

Deen's legal team's latest move smells like some cream cheese frosted red velvet horseshit, but I'm no legal expert. It's now up to a judge to determine if the SCOTUS ruling that officially rejected the "God made Adam & Eve, not ADAM & STEVE" legal argument also establishes that while Adam & Steve celebrate their wedding, no one can sue Paula Deen if she stands the background yelling the N word at the all-black wait staff pretending to be slaves.