Paula Broadwell Hunkers Down with Husband at Her Brother’s Home for a Super Awkward Family Holiday

In what is very likely the opening scene of an upcoming holiday dramedy about a married couple who decides to weather an adultery storm by visiting family for Thanksgiving, Paula Broadwell and her husband were spotted arriving arm in arm at Broadwell's brother's home in Washington D.C. It appeared, according to CBS Evening News, that Broadwell and and her husband were putting on a "show of marital solidarity" in the wake of the sensationally lurid news that Broadwell had an affair with former CIA director and melting wax sculpture David Petraeus.

Can't you just read the On Demand synopsis now? A professional woman falls from grace after cheating on her devoted yet flaccid husband with one of the most powerful men in the world. In an effort to save their marriage, the couple decides to spend Thanksgiving with the woman's family, but tensions run high as the holiday approaches. It all sounds a little like The Family Stone mixed with Rachel Getting Married, and a little dash of The Proposal because, you know, there should be some levity to the proceedings. The Petraeus character (played by Bill Nighy because why not?) should probably show up on Thanksgiving day and totally invite himself to dinner and spend the whole meal grilling little Cousin Duane about smoking reefer.


Paula Broadwell arrives with husband at brother's home [CBS]

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