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Patton Oswalt Is Engaged to Natty Gann!

Since Patton Oswalt’s wife and famed true crime writer Michelle McNamara died in April of 2016, Oswalt has been extremely open about the difficulties of dealing with his grief while continuing as a parent to their daughter, Alice. At some point, he began dating actress Meredith Salenger, also known as our itinerant childhood hero Natty Gann, and the two recently announced their engagement.


People reports that Oswalt and Salenger made their relationship public when they appeared at the premier of Baby Driver together, a story which Oswalt was happy to retweet, with an anecdote about their love:


Additionally, in her portrayal of a train-hopping tomboy in The Journey of Natty Gann, Salenger inspired at least one Jez staff member to eat beans out of a pot with a wooden spoon as a child.

It’s lovely to see Oswalt find love again, and Salenger is also thrilled:


Congrats to the happy couple.

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Like, good for them and all, but I’m just saying that, personally, I’d like to be mourned for more than a couple few months kthx.