Patriotic Jackass Refuses To Hire Anyone Until Obama's No Longer President

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A Georgia business owner is doing his part of fix the economy and create jobs by refusing to hire anyone until Barack Obama is no longer the President. This accomplishes approximately dickcheese, but whatever. You show those Washington fatcats, brave but ill-informed little patriot!


ABC News reports that Bill Looman owns a company that operates cranes on construction sites in Georgia and that he's fed up with the President's policies. So angry, in fact, that he has posted bumper stickers on his company's fleet of trucks declaring "NEW COMPANY POLICY: WE ARE NOT HIRING UNTIL OBAMA IS GONE." (It's in all caps, too, so you know it's SERIOUS, like enraged YouTube comment SERIOUS). Looman explains that the message is a reflection of the economic circumstances, that he can't afford to hire anyone because regulation is costing him all the money he wishes he could use to hire people. Understandably, people are upset by this policy.

"Aside from any political things thrown his way, there was a lot of hate voicemail, hate faxes, death threats," [friend Mike Sankewitsch] said. "Nobody has to be throwing death threats around just because somebody displays something. It's just wrong."

Hate faxes! People are traveling back in time to 1994 to inconveniently express their dismay via the world's most annoying means of communication! This simply cannot stand.

No word on what regulations have strangled his business; Looman's company has only six employees, which means he's exempt from the provision of the Affordable Care Act that would require all companies with more than 50 employees to provide a minimum amount of coverage for them. I'm no expert on Obama's stance on cranes, but I wasn't under the impression that he has singled out heavy machine operators for a regulatory swirlie. Looman also doesn't explain how Obama not being the President will somehow magically make money the money tree that grows in his backyard once again bear fruit that it so stubbornly refused to produce in these last few years. Maybe the money tree's a foolhardy racist who that refuses to grow stuff when a black guy's in charge.

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Hate faxes are all the rage nowadays amongst angsty hipster Democrats; phone calls and e-mails are way too mainstream.