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Patrick Wilson Agrees The Backlash To His Girls Ep Was Scary, Dumb

Illustration for article titled Patrick Wilson Agrees The Backlash To His iGirls/i Ep Was Scary, Dumb

You may recall the Patrick Wilson/Lena Dunham Internet Hullabaloo of Early 2013, during which skeptical viewers raged that "Hotttt Patrick Wilson would never hook up with a Fatniss Everdeen like Lena Dunham." We took, um, issue with that. So did Dunham, and so did Patrick Wilson's wife Dagmara Dominczyk, who killed it with a single tweet:


Vulture interviewed Wilson about his new movie with Vera Farmiga, The Conjuring, and mentioned the riot that broke out after the masses deemed that his onscreen copulation with Dunham was way less likely than, say, that time he fake-banged Kate Winslet on top of a washing machine. Regarding his wife's tweet:

Yeah, that was pretty fantastic. She knows how to silence people, if need be. That's a rare skill. [Laughs.]


I really wasn't expecting so much response to that episode. I didn't expect people to have such an opinion on my taste. As a person, not just a character. That was really strange and invasive and weird. People thought they had any clue about me. You can judge my acting all you want, but it's really interesting when people were like, "Patrick Wilson would never do that." What? Who are you? [Laughs.] You have no idea. You don't even know my middle name.

And here's the thing: A lot of people can't separate Lena Dunham from that character, so therefore they judge me as Patrick, because they're judging Lena as her character. But both characters are damaged. People talked about Joshua like he had his stuff together and I was like, "What are you talking about? He's as much as a train wreck as she is!" She's just more vocal about it.

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This is my first ever hearing about this hubbabaloo! And im not suprises.

As an ugly fat woman who bangs pretty hot guys on a regular basis, it's not as implausible as most people think it is. Yeah, some strike me as pretty desperate and I get it...but most of them actually become sexually attracted to me after they get to know my personality (A what you ask?) and are able to look past my misfortunes.

Im pretty sure most of us have taken a glance at a guy or gal and thought "meh" until they swooned us with charm. I find it funny (and sexist) that there are people who don't give men in general more credit, that they're capable of the same.