Patrick Stewart Was Just Delightful On AMA, As Expected

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Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to love Patrick Stewart any more. The actor, who will be seen in the upcoming Starz comedy Blunt Talk, appeared in a Reddit AMA to answer questions in the most charming, Patrick Stewart-y kind of way.


Here’s some choice excerpts.

On if there were a different project he’d want to get into besides acting:

“Yes! Deep-sea diving and mountaineering. There’s something about going up and down that turns me on.”

Oh that Patrick! On his secret to the trifecta of looking good, staying young and having fun:

“Well the great man Sigmund Freud said the most important things for a happy and long life were love and work and I’ve had a cornucopia of both.”

His worst habit:

“Slurping when I drink...anything.”

Cute! His favorite tea:

“Easy. Yorkshire Gold. Any other kind of tea bag needs two bags. By the way, did you know that I am the man who introduced the concept of the double tea bag to the United States. Don’t you think that deserves some recognition...A Medal of Honor? And invitation to the White House? Or my own seat on the next space shuttle?”


Favorite sandwich:

“Always, all my life, a favorite, thickly sliced Granny Smith apple on thick, heavily buttered white bread. Very healthy and yummy.”


And his favorite cocktail:

“A martini with Old Raj gin and very important, one olive. Who knew that you must never put an even number of olives in a martini glass. My son told me that martini drinkers are superstitious about even numbers of olives.”


Now we have enough information to recreate a Patrick Stewart-themed meal this weekend. Perhaps, during Saturday Night Social? Blunt Talk premieres Aug. 22

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If there’s anyone out there who deserves his knighthood, it’s Sir Patrick Stewart. He’s not only a tremendous talent, but a tremendous person, who speaks out against domestic violence (in honor of his mother) and veteran’s issues (in memory of his father, whose abusive patterns stemmed from his experience in combat). If you’ve never heard him speak about these issues, this video is more than worth a watch:

I know Jezebel has linked to it before. Still, brilliant and moving.