Patrick Stewart Explains Why He Wore a Lobster Suit in the Bathtub

Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan went on The View Thursday to promote their bromance recent acting work. They were both very cute, but it was Stewart who was particularly charming, offering up an explanation for that photo he tweeted of him in a lobster costume sitting in a tub.


"The day was a little slow, and you know, I'd had a shower and there was nothing on TV and I'd missed you guys so I put on the lobster costume and got in the bath," said Sir Patrick. "Do you wear it in bed?" queried Sir Ian. "I have not yet," replied Sir Patrick. "But with the right kind of invitation I may be persuaded."


There was also a shot of the Sirs as young lads.


"Don't those two look ready for a bromance?" said Sir Ian. They do. They do.

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