Patricia Clarkson's Thoughts on White Male Actor Angst: 'Shut Up and Sit in a Corner'

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There’s a possible solution to white male angst that white men seem to have not discovered, and Patricia Clarkson is right on the money in explaining exactly what this solution entails.


In an interview with The Guardian on Thursday, Clarkson shared a few of her common-sense views on sexism in Hollywood. She’s asked about one particular actor’s gripe over so-called reverse sexism:

I tell her about the complaint of one white male actor, Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, who expressed disappointment at what he sees as a sexist double standard in the industry, saying he’s sick of talking about his hair and his body. “He’s a sex symbol,” Clarkson scoffs. “Get over it. You have an amazing career and you’re on a hot show. Take your shirt off.”


Hard to argue with that. She goes on:

“There are still so many movies made starring 50 men and one woman! ... A white male actor should never be allowed to complain about anything. Shut up and sit in the corner.”

Regarding the oft-sexist spotlight on the Ghostbusters remake, Clarkson says, “Eat me!” and adds that the “archetypal older women in movies can sometimes make my skin crawl.”

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