Pat Buchanan Hopes He's Dead Before a Woman Is Elected President

Is this the day when you finally agree with Pat Buchanan on something? On one hand, while it's unseemly to wish death on anyone, the idea of a world without Pat Buchanan is sort of lovely. But on the other hand, the idea of Pat Buchanan not living to be incensed over a female President is not a world I care to inhabit.

Verdict: if it takes another 100 years, I hope Pat Buchanan is alive when a woman is elected President. The schadenfreude is worth it.

[Think Progress]

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Phyllis Nefler

He has such contempt for women. I'm glad he doesn't have any daughters (if Wikipedia is correct).

So what would Pat do if the Republican candidate was a woman (I know, I know, not going to happen, just go with it) and the Democrat candidate was a man? Would he grit his teeth and vote for the woman? Abstain? Vote for the man since we all know it takes a penis to be an effective leader? The mind boggles.