Passport Photo Hack Reveals Even Michelle Obama Doesn't Look Good With Wavy Lines Over Her Face

Photo: AP

Hackers today posted what appears to be a scan of Michelle Obama’s passport. Although it is quite possibly a fake, it is a very real confirmation that no one—not even Michelle Obama—looks great with those security lines superimposed over their faces.

The purported scan was posted online today at, your one-stop conservative shop for stolen emails and Colin Powell sex jokes, which this week released the contents of the email account of a low-level White House staffer named Ian Mellul. Here it is:


That’s damning stuff—would the White House have ever released this on its own? My best guess is... no.

I have only ever seen one passport photo that looked good; it was a sweaty, terrible picture my friend took last-minute when she lost her wallet in London. Not caring, I think, is the trick.

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