Paris Hilton On Coyotes: 'I Hate Coyotes, Fuck [Coyotes]'

In a recent addition to her Snapchat story, businesswoman and Ke$ha fan Paris Hilton shared a video in which she sounds off on LA’s most irritating pests outside of members of the a cappella group Pentatonix. In the seven-second clip, Hilton directs her ire at two coyotes (whom I have just this second named Ted and Frannie) roaming a street in Los Angeles as “Tik Tok” blares from her vehicle’s sound system. “I hate coyotes,” she says to Ted and Frannie in her trademark nasal delivery. “Fuck you!”


It’s understandable that Hilton, a known lover of small dogs, would hate the pet-killing canines. Similarly understandable is her music choice, as “Tik Tok” still bangs.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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R. damascena

This is a valid opinion, because coyotes do eat small pets and scream like banshees at unreasonable hours.

Personally, I like coyotes for keeping the rabbit numbers down, but this is a topic reasonable people can have different opinions about. Unlike monsters who think tacos are sandwiches.