Paris Cops Charged with Raping Canadian Tourist in Police Headquarters

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Preliminary charges have been made against two members of Paris' elite anti-gang police unit for raping a 34-year-old Canadian tourist inside the police headquarters after a "drunken night out." The woman had met the off-duty officers at an Irish pub not too far from 36 quai des Orfèvres, the police headquarters, and judicial sources say the woman agreed to follow the officers to their workplace. The next day she filed a criminal complaint stating she was raped, and a judicial investigation was launched. While medical examinations provided consistent evidence, DNA samples are still being processed.


As reported by France24, four police officers were initially arrested:

Two others accused over the alleged rape were released on Saturday without charge, though one has been given the status of "assisted witness" – something of a grey area in French law denoting a person somewhere between an ordinary witness and someone facing a formal charge.

And despite all four initially denying having had intercourse with the woman, one officer admitted to having sex with the woman, claiming it was entirely consensual. As if this whole idea of raping a woman in a fucking police headquarters wasn't terrible enough, even more troubling details of the police probably trying to cover their tracks have surfaced:

The accused are also facing allegations of tampering with the scene of a crime. A source close to the investigation said the woman's glasses and stockings disappeared from the alleged site of the rape after she filed the complaint.

France's General Inspectorate of the National Police is working on the case, and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated that if found guilty, two officers would "face the full consequences."

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Putain de merde. C'est comme les flics sont le même partout.

Seriously, it's like there's a certain pathology that lends itself well to being an abusive cop. Isn't that something that can be screened out? Jesus.