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Parents, Ready Your Wallets: Disney Confirms It's Making Frozen 2

Illustration for article titled Parents, Ready Your Wallets: Disney Confirms Its Making iFrozen 2/i

Disney has announced that a Frozen 2 film is a go, thus ensuring that Frozen madness will never end and an entire generation of children of global warming will recall fondly shared childhood memories of watching a movie about the extreme cold.


Variety reports that the incredibly predictable announcement regarding the incredibly successful franchise (it's made $1.3 billion in the global box office, plus boasts merch and DVD sales that show little sign of ebbing). This is a "developing" story.


The fact that there will be two separate Frozen films for a theoretical future child to throw fits over the licensed merchandise of is enough to convince a lady to send her eggs to Elsa's iced-over anger kingdom until the madness passes. Or, to pledge, here and now, to dress her future baby nephew as Elsa for this and all future Halloweens.

Image via Screengrab/Disney.

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