Paper Devotes 363 Word Article To Mo'Nique's Leg Hair

Illustration for article titled Paper Devotes 363 Word Article To MoNiques Leg Hair

Mo told Barbara Walters in 2006: "It's too much in the morning, to shave, to cut, you got Band-aids baby." Today a reporter writes: "She's one actress you can't say is overly obsessed with her appearance." [NYDN]


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Some women CAN'T shave. I have eczema, and shaving with a razor turns my legs into a nasty, itchy, bumpy-then-bloody mess. When I do shave, I have to do it in a downwards direction, so I never really get a close shave anyway. And that's only the bottom part of my legs. For above the knee, I can only use an electric razor, and some days, I just don't have 20 minutes to deal with it. And I don't have the money and the endurance for waxing all year long. Which doesn't seem to be an issue, because Mr. Ruby is still always trying to get some of this!

Sorry for the rant. I guess what I am saying is, "I love you, Monique! Shout out for not shaving!