Paper Calls Creep Who Stuck Head Up Actress's Skirt a 'Prankster'

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A Ukrainian journalist who has a reputation of being a fucking weirdo was dragged off a red carpet after trying to sneak up behind America Ferrera and stick his head under her skirt. The New York Post is calling this the act of a "prankster" instead of a pervert fucko acting like a garbage person by sexually harassing someone who was trying to perform an aspect of their job.


Let's read the steaming messpile that the Post used as its writeup:

Cannes you believe it?

Oof. Not the very strongest opening line for an article about a sexual violation. I'm cringing, but will proceed.

America Ferrera got quite the shock on Friday when Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk stuck his head under her dress while she posed for photos on the red carpet.


Yeah that's 100% not okay.

Ferrera, 30, lined up with her "How to Train Your Dragon 2″ costars arm-in-arm to pose for photographers at The Palais des Festivals. As she smiled for a sea of flashes, Sediuk weaseled his way on to the red carpet and slipped under the hem of her poofy white dress.


As security dragged Sediuk away from the stunned "Ugly Betty" actress, the prankster grabbed onto to Ferrera's foot.



Sorry, but no.

Actually, not at all sorry. Just a big fat no. That's not a "prank." A "prank" is gluing quarters to the floor in the lobby and then snickering as people try to bend over and pick them up. A "prank" is a late night TV host fabricating a twerking accident. A "prank" is not looking up someone's skirt. Christ.


Why is this guy allowed at press events? What's his fucking damage?

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hockygrrl4 Agent of Chaos

Friend posts this article on FB and asks "what would you do". I said stomp down with a high heel, aiming for juicy eyeball or squishy, not well protected nose. Three men (none of them friends with me) called me a bitch/cunt for overreacting to a publicity stunt/joke and then took turns dissecting my moral character. Time to get pirate drunk and pretend that I am not a human anymore.