Pamela Anderson Plans to Advocate For Men Who Have Been Falsely Accused of Rape

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Pamela Anderson has apparently been visiting the Ecuadorian embassy in London to see her good friend Julian Assange for months now, which may explain her new cause.


In an interview with Russian network RT show The Underground, Anderson shared her plans to protest against Swedish sexual assault laws, referring to the charges of “molestation and coercion” that Assange faced before those charges were dropped, saying that the country has “these very progressive laws against sexual crimes, whatever you want to call it. It’s almost too progressive, it’s almost paralyzing. I’m going to actually start campaigning for men who have been victims of being accused of rape when they haven’t actually done anything.”

Anderson has in the past revealed a history of traumatic sexual abuse, having been molested as a child and gang-raped as a teenager, and the interviewer questions her plan to use her celebrity to defend the falsely accused accordingly. But Anderson says she has done work for women’s charities in the past and that these efforts are related to her defense of Assange. She says he’s “committed no crime” adding that “there are also a lot of men who have a vulnerable situation and [are] politically bullied.”

Anderson continues to say that there are no charges against Assange. However, in September 2016, Swedish courts chose to uphold the rape charges against Assange, according to NBC News. Those charges will expire in 2020 if an indictment isn’t filed by prosecutors before then. Anderson says that despite reading his court files, she maintains her belief that he’s innocent, insisting, “I wouldn’t support him if I thought he’d done anything wrong.”

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eugene levy's eyebrows

I’m making this face. It’s the same face I made when my friend (who’s ex-wife is a terrible person and I have firsthand experience with her awfulness) posted some bizarre MRA produced video about how there’s no help for battered men on FB.

Like the start of the video was OK and I was all, “All right, sure. There probably aren’t a ton of resources for men that are experiencing abuse. And yeah, people probably don’t believe them or tell them to ‘man up’.” And then it took a sharp woman-hating left turn and I was like, “Yep and this is why this doesn’t help your cause.”

I’m not saying there’s not battered men and I’m not saying that there aren’t men accused of rape that may have not done anything to anyone, BUT there are far more women who have been raped and are battered that are never able to get adequate support or justice for what happened to them.

And Julian Assange is, like, the worst hill to die on in regard to anything he’s been accused of since he’s not really a dude that’s been on the up and up, ever. But good luck Pam, I guess?

Also, I met a guy who’s job was acquiring and delivering cars to celebrities for promotional purposes and he delivered one to Pam. He said he was shocked when she took care of signing for it, because usually assistants were the ones to handle that stuff. He said she was nice, but it looked like she had been punched in the back when she turned around. I had to explain to him that she had probably been doing some cupping.