Pam Grier Declines To Discuss Her Alleged Cocaine Vagina

The joke on The View this morning is that the black women were taking over, including guest-host Gabby Sidibe and guest Pam Grier. And, Elisabeth Hasselbeck helpfully pointed out, in the summer she can get tan!

In an inspired move, Sidibe was filling in for Barbara Walters, which not only pulled down the average age on the show but also shifted the racial balance. "Three black women?" cracked Whoopi. "People should really be concerned about this, because every week there's one more of us." To Hasselbeck and Joy Behar, she said charitably, "You're both Italian, and it's only a row-boat away."

Unfortunately, Hasselbeck took the opportunity to reintroduce the concept of "convenience abortions," as well as erroneously claim that there are no longer waiting periods for abortions. (In fact, 25 states have some form of abortion waiting period of at least 24 hours [PDF].)


Our hopes that Pam Grier would discuss her alleged cocaine vagina were crushed. But Grier was a dose of brilliance anyway, namechecking feminists in describing why she didn't marry Kareem Abdul Jabbar and pushed back at Richard Pryor. She also discussed why she hadn't reported her childhood sexual assaults. Still. How much would you have paid to have Hasselbeck utter the words "cocaine" and "vagina" in quick succession?

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Pam Greir reminds me so much of my mom it's pretty freaky. They even have the same mannerisms and speech pattens. As for Elizabeth; the air must be thin where she sit atop of that lofty perch in which she looks down on the rest of us.