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Pam From True Blood Is Coming Back as Maleficent on Once Upon a Time

Illustration for article titled Pam From emTrue Blood/em Is Coming Back as Maleficent on emOnce Upon a Time/em

There's been a lot of excitement around the fact that ABC's Once Upon a Time is about to introduce Ella and a new Frozen-related story line. To which I say, great! Bring it on! But the thing I am absolutely ridiculously giddy about is Kristin Bauer van Straten AKA MOTHERFUCKING PAM FROM TRUE BLOOD is coming back as Maleficent.


Oh praise ye great television gods! If you're a fan of the show, you will remember vividly how Bauer van Straten positively nailed it as Maleficent (oooh, sorry Angelina! Love you in the movie version, but Pam as Maleficent is the Greatest Thing Ever. Look on the bright side—you're the one married to Brad Pitt). Details are limited right now and please stop reading if you're not caught up on the show because SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY. Via Entertainment Weekly:

It's unclear as of now, but Bauer will be back as a recurring guest star for a big arc, so here's hoping this means the show will dive more into her past, as well as Aurora's history. The last we saw of Maleficent, she was locked away in a cave under the clock tower, stuck in dragon form until she was slain by Emma in the season 1 finale. She then came back in nightmarish zombie form at the end of season 2.


For those who don't remember or don't watch OUAT, Bauer van Straten brought IT as the best Disney villain ever (with Ursula nipping at her heels). Exhibit A:

Image via ABC.

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Lady Commentariat

This is great and all, but I'd love a True Blood spin-off with just Pam, Eric and Lafayette.