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Palate Cleanser: This Man Is Playing a Lullaby for a Wee Baby Rhino

What an evening, eh pals? I think we need a palate cleanser, and so I offer you this baby rhinoceros falling asleep to a lullaby.


Brought to an animal sanctuary when she was only a day old, this little buddy enjoys some acoustic guitar at bedtime. According to The Dodo, purveyor of all things adorable and four-legged, she’ll be cared for at the sanctuary until adulthood.

I invite you to share more soothing moments from the animal kingdom in the comments. Let’s take a moment to forget the political sludge in which we are so mired.

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My foster babies got back from their spays on Friday. They’re ready for new homes but I’m not ready! I’ve had them for six weeks now (found them outside at 3 weeks) and love them so much!!