Palace Denies Charles and William Snubbed Trump Because They Were Never Gonna Meet in the First Place

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A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace has clarified that Princes Charles and William did not snub Donald Trump on his recent visit to the UK, because they never intended to meet with him in the first place. Totally different!

A source recently told the Sunday Times that Charles and William not attending was a “snub,” explaining that, “They simply refused to attend. It’s a very, very unusual thing for the Queen to be there on her own. Usually she is accompanied by somebody. Prince Charles has been substituting for Philip a lot recently.”

Well, People went to the palace for comment, and got this in return:

“In line with standard practice for guest of government visits the President was received by The Queen as Head of State. The arrangements were mutually agreed between the Palace and the U.K. and U.S. governments,” the spokesperson says. “There was never a suggestion that other members of the royal family would take part.”


And her former spokesman, Dickie Arbiter, told People: “It was always going to be a short visit and as soon as you have too many people it gets longer. It was a courtesy call—that’s all it was.”

People then went on to discuss in detail the warm relationship between the younger royals and the Obamas, including the time Barack Obama met a bathrobe-wearing Prince George during a 2016 visit. All Trump got, of course, was a quick tea with the Queen. What snub? I don’t see any snub. Do you see a snub?

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I almost wish that Prince Phillip and Prince Charles had been there and had been their utmost condescending. Which is exactly why they were not. Phillip is a dick on a good day and Charles is very open about his beliefs on things like the environment.

As for Prince William and Harry? Not a chance after the horrible things Trump said about Diana.