Oxford University Student Arrested for Rape Gets Described as 'Highly Intelligent'

Image via Google Maps.
Image via Google Maps.

An alleged rapist, identified only as a 23-year-old Oxford student, was arrested near Christ Church Meadows late Tuesday night. Actually, he was also identified as being “brilliant.”


The story is reported by The Sun, with the tagline, “A BRILLIANT Oxford University student was arrested yesterday after being accused of a catalogue of sex attacks on a woman.” That can’t be entirely blamed on the publication, though it is a bizarre thing to write without comment about an alleged rapist. Apparently, people around campus have all been describing the young man as a really smart guy:

A university source told The Sun last night: “The nature of the allegations are truly shocking.

“He is a highly intelligent young man.

“His arrest has shocked the university community.”

A police officer spoke with student newspaper The Tab, saying only, “A 23-year-old man from Oxford was arrested today on suspicion of sexual assault and ABH. He is currently in police custody.”

The Tab also says that the unnamed student is notable in the Oxford politics scene, though not in a position of power in any society there. They refrained from commenting on the virtues of his intelligence.

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