Over 7,000 People Have Donated More Than $200K to Help Send Alton Sterling's Children to College

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A Go Fund Me started Wednesday by actor and writer Issa Rae to support the children of Alton Sterling, who was killed by police officers on Tuesday, has already raised over $200,000. More than 7,000 people have made what appear to be mostly small donations of $5 to $50.


Earlier today, Rae tweeted that she wanted to do something for Sterling’s five children, especially because of the powerlessness she and many others have felt following the apparent killing of yet another unarmed black person by police. Shortly after, the Go Fund Me was set up under her name.

The fundraising goal appears to have originally been set at $40,000, but was soon raised, after the fund was tweeted by vocal members of the Black Lives Matter movement like Shaun King.

While Rae has indicated that she hasn’t yet made contact with Sterling’s family (specifically the mother of his oldest child, Quinyetta McMillan, who gave what can only be insufficiently described as a deeply moving speech during a press conference this morning), she has said she’s been communicating with their lawyer.

Earlier today, the Justice Department announced that they were investigating the shooting.



thyrsiflora (pls ungrey me)

Your country cares so little for you that it is necessary to start a GoFundMe for such a basic thing as higher education, so little that it is apparently not normal for children like this to go to school after high school, so little that a father can be murdered by your country’s police every month and nothing happens. I may have a totally skewed image of the USA, due to the media, it may actually be the greatest country on Earth as you’re keen on saying, but I don’t understand why you’re not rioting in the streets. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe you’re just exhausted. I would be too.