Outlander: Claire, Will You PLEASE Listen to Your Husband for Once?

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Dear Claire Fraser: I love you, but you are starting to drive me fucking nuts.

Not once but twice this week did you hie off on your own without so much as a hey-pal-whaddya-think discussion with Jamie. First there was the discussion with the Duke of Sandringham. I was absolutely convinced this would backfire horribly, but thankfully, I was wrong—you came through with flying colors. Thumbs up, Claire. But apparently you let a little success go to your head because hardly five minutes after Jamie's warning about fraternizing with Geillis, you ran off to meet with Geillis. Christ Jesus, woman.


Look: Obviously I do not believe that a dick automatically makes a man the head of any household and Jamie is not the boss of you. He does, however, have a whole shitload more personal experience with how his own world works. So when he says, Stay away from Geillis her situation is about to get dangerous—especially when you yourself saw her writhing around on the forest floor calling upon the spirits/Earth/whatever to nix her and Dougal's spouses AND you've grown pretty suspicious that she might've killed her damn husband—maybe stop and think for five minutes before running off to her house due to a cryptic note? Friendship is magic but why not at least question the kid who brought you the note? I get that you're a doer, and I respect that, but if you refuse to stop and think at least rely on the thinking other people are doing. Damn.

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(Though Jamie didn't exactly come through this episode unscathed, either, landing himself in the middle of a duel and then a brawl and earning yet another dressing-down from Collum. It was probably his only choice but if he'd listened to Murtagh he might've been there in person to say No seriously do not do that, rather than dispatched to the back of beyond to babysit Dougal.)

And here I thought you two had really had a breakthrough last week, too. You made it clear to Jamie that you would not stand for any more community-mandated spankings, but you also saw how truly terrified he was at the prospect of something happening to you. He is not being a bossy jerk. He is just trying to help you stay out of trouble. This man's idea of a wake-up call is cunnilingus. All he wants to do is eat your pussy and keep you safe! The least you can do is respect his good and well-meant advice.

Also, maybe stop underestimating Laoghaire because clearly this bitch does not play. Sick jacket, though.

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Thus concludes my unsolicited advice to Claire Fraser.

PS: Dougal and Geillis? Didn't see that one coming. I shudder to contemplate their pillow talk.


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a) simon callow as the duke of sandringham was a DREAM

b) MURTAGH. always my man.

c) i applaud the return of chunky knits and borderline tasteful fur

d) i love angus but i also hate him at the same time

e) laoghaire clearly has a corner on the heaving bosoms market

f) dueling seems so dumb. "lets waste everyone's time so we can pretend to shoot each other". its like the 18 century equivalent of a US presidential debate. HEYYYOOO

g) i also applauded the opening cunnilingus but was perplexed by the clearly uncomfortable angle

h) episode was made better by the 30 second Tobias Menzies cameo

i) i counted ONLY TWO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS VOICEOVERS this episode. will they be phased out finally? ONLY TIME WILL TELL