Out Of Fashion: On Being Immune To The Apple Tablet Frenzy

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In less than an hour, Apple will release details of its rumored new tablet. Our brother sites, Gizmodo and Kotaku, are freaking out. They wonder if we are as well. Asks one editor: "What's the fashion angle?" Uh, well:


I don't think there is a fashion angle. A new computer that might change the way we use computers or digest news and information is exciting and possibly revolutionary, to be sure, and it's cool that it's about 10 inches or so — highly portable (about the size of Vogue). But will the new "right" size for bags be "whatever my Apple tablet fits inside"? No. Most women already carry a bag that a magazine can fit inside of, so there won't be any adjustments needed.

The argument could be made that only dudes get nuts about this stuff — wait on lines for video games and cream their pants over gadgets. Except I don't believe for a second that new technology is something women don't get excited about. But it doesn't have to be pink, and we don't need a "fashion angle." (A "period angle"? Yes.) There's nothing super "fashiony" about my iPhone or laptop — neither are lacy or bedazzled with rhinestones. Still, I might get excited about the tablet when I can see what it does for me (and when I know what the price is — so broke right now!) but until then: Meh. Although if it comes with some kind of mirror finish so a lady can check her lipgloss or do her makeup, let me know.

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iPad? Really Apple? That passed the laugh (giggle, snicker) test?