Oscars Host Chris Rock Probably Doesn't Care About the Oscars Either

Here is Chris Rock’s first promo for the 88th Academy Awards, in which he smiles his trademark shit-eating grin and lobs a decent joke. He doesn’t look particularly enthused for the Oscars, but then again, are we?


That said, I’m sure I’ll end up watching them, and I suspect many of you will as well. And if we’re going to devote three-and-change hours of our lives to this event, Rock isn’t a bad choice to shepherd us through them. Stay tuned to see if academy gives him as much of a reason to lampoon them as they did Neil Patrick Harris last year, after nominating all white actors for the lead and supporting categories.

The Oscars will air in all their protracted glory on February 28, 2016.

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Video via YouTube.

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So it’s basically going to be three and a half hours of a muzzled Chris Rock, being told over and over again that he can’t do the jokes he really wants to do?