Oscar the Grouch Hangs Out in Recycling Bins Now but Anthro Is Selling a $100 Trash Can

Everything’s different in the trash can world these days. For one, the gentrified HBO Sesame Street now makes Oscar the Grouch split time between his trash can and various neighborhood recycling bins. For another, thanks to Anthropologie, you can have your very own “West Village Corrugated Can” for a mere $99.95.

Yes, that’s right—your very own one-hundred dollar piece of genuine imitation Old! New! York! Massive collection of disco on eight-track tapes and war stories about nearly stepping on heroin needles in Alphabet City not included. Perhaps you could buy some off the New Yorkers who’ve said fuck it and bailed for warmer climes and livable rents.


BuzzFeed points out this impressive achievement in merchandising, which even comes in two different varieties, one with rope handles and another with wood. But fair warning—you’ll have to marinate them in chewing gum and urine yourself. Consider it a weekend D.I.Y. project.

Best of all, this literal trash can is currently on sale. Originally, it cost $148. Act now!


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