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Saturday night, Selena Gomez was spotted in what appeared to be a heavy canoodling session with Orlando Bloom inside a Las Vegas nightclub while Katy Perry attended a Renaissance Festival. Were this April of 2014, such an interaction would be as boring as a story about, oh, Bloom being spotted pensively running his hand through his hair while deciding what brand of whey to buy at a Los Angeles GNC. But it’s May of 2016, and things are so much different now.


Because Bloom has spent the past few months making out with Perry in public (they aren’t rumored to have broken up recently), the tabloids are calling his handsy moment a classic case of cheating.

In a set of photos published by TMZ Tuesday morning, Gomez and Bloom can be seen seated close together in the corner of a booth—both unable to keep their hands to themselves. Though the arrangement of their legs is a little more difficult to make sense of due to the poor image quality, I feel comfortable describing them as “intimately positioned.”


So what’s happening here? Did Ploom secretly break up after appearing together at the Met Gala, is Orlando cheating on Katy, or are Blomez merely close friends? We’ll find out once Katy drops another single. I hope it’s called “The Elf.”

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