Original Bachelorette Trista Suffers Depression Following Plastic Surgery Makeover, Would Recommend It Anyway

Original Bachelorette Trista Sutter (née Rehn) was on today's Good Morning America to discuss her recent "pre-40" makeover for which she received, among other things, a breast augmentation and eye lift. While news coverage of plastic surgery procedures is generally cringe-worthy, this segment was particularly devastating — Trista has, at only 39-years old, developed such a complex that she's become willing to risk (and sacrifice) her mental and physical health in order to maintain a more youthful appearance.

While a TV personality having his or her body surgically altered is nothing new, it's rare that you see it presented in a way that's so aggressively stark. When asked if she felt any pressure from her husband (and Bachelorette winner) Ryan Sutter, Trista replied, "No, not at all," before Ryan smirkingly interrupted, "Well, maybe a little pressure." Later, he added, "I love her...the same as before, but I maybe love one section of her a little more."


While Trista's reasoning for undergoing the procedures was supposedly to "feel pretty again," what she ended up feeling was much darker:

"I ended up with an allergy to my antibiotic. I ended up with a full body rash that itched like crazy. I then was put on prednisone and got super-depressed and dealt with what felt like postpartum depression."

But still:

"It was worth it."


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