Illustration for article titled Orange County Magazine Accidentally/On-Purpose Becomes emWhore/em Magazine

If your first thought upon seeing this cover was, "How crass! I will most certainly not be reading this publication," then the art director at Orange County's Where magazine has successfully convinced you that an art director's job is way harder that it looks. I mean, magazine covers tend to have heads and body parts flying in between letters and words and though it's imperative that never the twain shall meet, at least in this instance, they have met, and in a tragically awkward way. According to AdWeek, this very same "whore" debacle happened earlier this year to Where's Milan edition, which means that someone is using the malleability of lowercase "e" to have a little jest, or the people in charge of such things at Where are treating the demise of print journalism like the consequence-free last twenty minutes before an asteroid slams into the corn belt.


‘Where' Magazine Becomes ‘Whore' Magazine Thanks to Art Director Fail [AdWeek]

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