The "celebrity orange carpet" at the Miami Dolphins game at Landshark Stadium was about what you'd expect of a color that's not exactly red: kind of weird, and full of peculiar uniforms. Oh, and J.Lo, Fergie and friends.

How amazing is J.Lo's Mrs. Roper-meets-DVF-meets-William Morris extravaganza, complete with platforms?

The effect is marred only slightly by her husband's necklace.


I can't even articulate how much I hate Josh Duhamel's jeans. And shoes. It's like, "D coming! Clear the way!" Whether or not that's an accurate assessment of the man's character, I couldn't say - but if not, he needs to change, stat. It's like impersonating an officer.

Fergie does sexy runningback. Those heels aren't regulation, though.


Robin Givens, meanwhile, is ready for battle. These pants have seen some shit.

Guitarist Orianthi is also, apparently, in the service: the Terry Gilliam Fetish Brigade.


Mary Anne Shula (with husband former head coach Don Shula) is in Dolphins colors!

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