Oprah Wants to Sell You Some Of Her Expensive Shit

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Oprah Winfrey is auctioning off items from her Chicago condo that she put up for sale last summer. And yes, you're right, this is your moment, this is your time to own a piece of the Harpo Queendom.

According to NBC, Da Gawd Oprah will auction off pieces from her treasure trove of fabulous extravagance on April 25. The proceeds will go towards the Orpah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation and that's nice, but let's talk about what's she's selling.

Oprah will be parting with more than 500 items from her personal collection including English, French and Continental furniture and decorative arts, paintings, prints, drawings, porcelain, crystal, silver, memorabilia, clothing and accessories.


Previews begin on April 16, thirst commences immediately.

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A little over 20 years ago, I went to the first "garage sale" of O's clothing/possessions/stuff. So many people were going for her gorgeous clothing, of which there were racks and racks. The clothes also ranged from sizes medium to extra-large, so many people could find clothes that could fit them. I, on the other hand, knew that despite weight gains and losses, one item of clothing that didn't change size much were shoes. Knowing that The Big O had big feet like me, and knowing that not many people were going to go for size 10+ shoes, I nabbed two pairs of shoes. One was a pair of barely-worn Chanel black patent leather ballet flats, and the other was similar pair of black velvet flats (from a French designer whose name I've forgotten). The total was about $28. I wore those shoes until they fell apart.