Oprah Dreams Of Hearing O.J. Simpson Confess

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When people retire they usually hope to travel or spend more time in their pajamas, but Oprah's aspirations are not like those of us plebs. At the annual Cable Show in Chicago, she said, "I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me. And I am going to make that happen people. I don't just want the interview ... I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson." Oprah has also said she's determined to star on Broadway, so the stage is set for an utterly tasteless If I Did It musical. [HR]


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Dave Chapelle's walked away from his Comedy Central show in 2005, but he may be ready to return. A source claims he's shopping a new show to a "pad subscription service." Don't hold your breath because Chapelle's rep says this is "absolutely untrue." [The Wrap, CNN]

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Crystal Harris has offered more insight into why she and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding /possible publicity stunt. In a "tearful interview" with Entertainment Tonight, she says, "I wasn't the only woman in Hef's life. I didn't feel comfortable in my heart knowing that and getting married to him, because a marriage is between two people. That's not what our relationship was." [Daily Mail]

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have returned to Hawaii for their first anniversary, and she hinted that they may be renewing their vows. "I didn't think that I was into it until my relationship with Brian," she said. "He's very sensitive and very emotional. He's a Cancer so he's very all about feelings and relationships and he cries about everything. He'll want to do it, so I'll do it for him." [Us]

  • Britney Spears' father Jamie Spears already earns $16,000 as her conservator, but now he's asking for more money because he'll be directing and managing her upcoming tour. [TMZ]
  • Paris Hilton and Cy Waits are said to be "reevaluating" their relationship because he, "felt that way too much of their private life was shown" on The World According to Paris. [E!]
  • In other relationship news you don't care about, Miley Cyrus' brother confirms she's back with Liam Hemsworth. [Us]
  • Gary Shirley Tweeted about Amber Portwood's suicide attempt, writing, "Amber is safe and getting the help she needs right now. Thanks for your prayers and support." [Us]
  • Next week J.K. Rowling will unveil something called Pottermore. It could be anything from an encyclopedia to a social networking site, and whatever it is fans already want it. [E!]



Is there a kind of vague public consensus on whether Simpson is guilty or not?

Where I am (not the US) there's kind of this generalisation that the American public is divided on this on racial lines - white people think he did it, black people think he didn't (so I guess everyone else doesn't have an opinion at all then?). But I kind of doubt whether it's as simplistic as all that, and this Winfrey quote seems to affirm this.

Also, I liked Oprah Winfrey in her vanity project movie adaption of 'Beloved'. So there.