Oprah and Jimmy Fallon Pretend They Were in a Soap Opera Together

Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to busting out this old "remember when we once did a show together" bit. But trying this with Oprah is some next level shit.


Oprah (who looked completely dead perfect in her black dress and drop earrings) played along divinely. I would be afraid to ask Oprah to share half a stick of gum with me, much less an entire skit on a late night talk show. So KUDOS to Fallon for pulling this off. Honestly, the whole thing makes me sad that Oprah didn't ditch her gig as a talk show host to go star as a daytime soap villain on a show like Days of Our Lives. Fuck Stefano—Oprah would have ENDED Marlena and all her bullshit.

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My dad was on Oprah three times. He said that she was an incredibly witty, warm person. That's all I've got to add.