Opportunistic Pizza Planters Are Ruining Pizza Rat

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Can pizza rat just live?

Apparently not. Here’s a video posted on Thursday that shows two greasy-lipped pizza rats fighting over one slice of pizza on the subway track. It’s mildly entertaining. One rat drags the pizza backward as the other chases after it. Okay, cool. Questions abound.

Ask yourselves: Is this the same original pizza rat of yore who just really enjoys pizza? Or are they completely new rats? Where did the rats get a whole pizza slice from? Why isn’t it just the crust? Get your pen and your casebooks out. The Ghostwriter team is on it.


The pizza clearly can’t be a leftover slice from a box of pizza that was laying out. Notice that it’s directly on the train tracks, where no pizza box would survive.

What we have here is a case of a person deviously planting a pizza slice to entice rats to nibble on it. But was it the person who uploaded the video? Or an accomplice?

Mashable asks:

Who would throw a perfectly good slice of pizza onto the tracks in the first place?


Time also wonders:

Why was there a pristine, seemingly untouched slice of pizza lying on the subway tracks? Did Liu or someone else throw it down there with the hope of creating the next viral Pizza Rat video? Have these rats been trained to fight over pizza?


People, the caption on the Instagram post says it all: “I win today, interwebs.” That’s the caption of a person who saw a couple rats and then planted a pizza slice on a track in an effort to “win the interweb.” Case closed.

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zap rowsdower

This has to be tourists or transplants taking these videos, right? No real New Yorker (including the Ghostwriter team) even notices rats.