Open Thread: Would You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner While a Turkey's Corpse Watched You?

Last Thanksgiving, Martha Stewart posted a photo to Twitter of what appeared to be a plump, full-feathered taxidermy turkey. “Once alive Now a centerpiece,” Stewart tweeted alongside the photo, suggesting the dead animal had been decoratively placed on the table during Thanksgiving dinner. Which, likely, consisted of (impeccably prepared) turkey.

Stewart’s message was, of course, a chilling reflection on the fragility of life, but it also begs the question: Would you eat stuffed turkey while in the presence of a different, albeit similarly dead, stuffed turkey? Is it weird to eat the inside of an animal while confronted with its husk? Is meat just meat? Am I overthinking it?

Please discuss in the comments, and also during your meal.


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Natface: Career-Obsessed Banshee

Hey Jezzies,

This probably sounds silly, but I’m 29 and single and kind of freaking out about it. I honestly have had little interest in relationships for going on the past two years after a rough breakup- I was in a long term relationship with a guy who was my best friend for seven years before we got together, and the ending wrecked me pretty bad. I’m definitely past it, but I’m extremely wary of relationships and men in general (I’m a survivor of repeated assault and the last two months/whole year really have been a buffet of traumatic memories and old crappy feelings coming up).

I’m graduating from college in three weeks, and have decided that next year, I want to try working through my fears and step into dating, or even just meeting new people in general. I’m tired of being afraid and I want to believe I can meet a good, kind, compatible partner to share my time and my life with. If you have any tips, especially if you can relate to any of my experiences, I’d appreciate it. Hell, I’d appreciate even simple encouragement and just knowing that someone read this and hears where I am coming from.

Thanks, and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday so far.