Open Thread: NBC's Hairspray Live!

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

The televised musical event we’ve been hoping isn’t actually going to be terrible is finally here, in fact, it started at 8 p.m. EST, but details. NBC’s Hairspray Live! is revamping the campy musical, based on a 1988 John Waters movie I must have watched a hundred times as a kid because it was one of the only VHS cassettes in my father’s household. They keep remaking and finessing the damn show like it’s a foot-tall hairdo. Watch here and discuss below.


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Thought it was Saturday for a moment. Total disorientation.

Open thread: How has the election caused your mind to focus? What do you plan to do in a different way over the next four years than you have in the last? Which opportunities can we take from these results to become better, sharper, and more directed persons?

As a counterbalance to the steady stream of disheartening news: what might “we, the people” manage to accomplish?

Would love to hear your thoughts.