Open Thread: Mad Men Season 4 Premiere

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After months of anticipation, the Mad Men season 4 premiere is finally upon us. What will this season hold for Don, Peggy, Joan, Pete, Betty, Roger and the rest of the gang? Let's all watch together and find out.

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"Who Is Don Draper."

1. Well, if nothing else he's a heterosexual bottom who likes to be slapped by hookers. Who knew? Gotta say it's a hot scene.

2. What have they done to make Peggy so unattractive this season? I can't put my finger on it. Also, since she only dates scumbags what's going to be the problem with casserole boy?

3. Of course the existential problem Don has with the first interview is that he doesn't know who he is. We've been over this ground before when, last season he was asked "Who are you supposed to be?" The resolution of this seems to be that he's a liar. Because in the second interview he's more comfortable when he can start out with blatant lies.

4. The ham subplot is beneath this show. Please tell me that "fought over the ham" is not going to be the new way to say "Jump the shark."

5. God, Betty Draper is a miserable bitch. Horrible human being. Horrible mother. Just a total piece of shit.

6. "You could have got it without marrying it." Word up.

7. So the basic idea is that Don is now trying to ruin the company in order to punish himself? What for? Getting rid of an insane wife? He should be dancing in the streets.

8. Bottom line. Not a bad episode but I expected more from the season premiere.