Open Thread: Look Around, I'm Sailing Right Behind

Thanks for your continued support of Jezebel, and for joining us during a very difficult day. Onward.

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pibber can't swim

Thank you for the open thread and the amazing coverage.

Now. My first instinct has been to distance myself from every Trump voter I know. I deleted almost all Facebook friends who were supporters (these people weren’t real life friends but people I knew from high school. You know how it goes). A friend suggested that we should be trying to talk to trump supporters to try to explain to them how they hurt people of color, the lgbtq community, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know we’re burnt out. I have a friend I’ve known for 20 years who voted for Trump and I don’t think I can forgive her. She’s been pleading with me today but I just don’t know. She doesn’t get it. Her sister even sent me a message on Facebook about not throwing away friends because of the election and I just can’t seem to explain to them that I can’t stand for a racist bigoted molesting man in the white House and the fact that people I know voted for him is a personal insult to me and other vulnerable Americans. Fuck.