Open Thread: Living in a World That's Oh So Strange

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Jill Stein is organizing a recount in MI, PA and WI. The filing costs are $500K, $600K, and $1.1M respectively. She states she will file in as many states as can be afforded with the money collected by Friday at 4PM central time. As of this writing, 4 hours after the site went live, they’re up to $817K.

Whether she is doing this for attention, out of guilt, acting as Clinton’s proxy, or simply doing what she believes is right, the result is the same. I’m not sure what the law is regarding whether states can deny a recount if the request is filed properly and in time, but based on how rapidly the money is coming in, this appears to be a thing that is really happening. Whatever feelings anyone has for Stein, she is doing what Clinton is unable to right now.

As everything about this election is without modern precedent, I can’t help but wonder what will actually happen IF they audit all three states, and IF the results flip to Clinton, and IF it is determined that a foreign nation actively tampered with our electoral process. Civil war? Nuclear war? Both?