Open Thread: Let's Support Mariah Carey During Her Difficult Breakup

It seems the love story of Mariah Carey and that stoney-looking billionaire has come to an end.


I for one would love to send the Elusive Chanteuse my most supportive thoughts and prayers as she navigates this difficult time. Also, might I suggest a few choice breakup songs?

Mariah, if you’re not quite sure where the relationship stands, give this a listen. Are you still hoping things will work themselves out? Here you go. Mariah, girl, are you completely over that fool? Yes you are. Or maybe not. But no matter what you’re feeling right now, you’ll always have the memories and know that real love never truly dies. And if none of that makes you feel better, do remember that Beyoncé has your back and a baseball bat in case you need to roll through somewhere.

Senior Writer, Jezebel



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