Open Thread: It's Lucky Number 13 For John Goodman As SNL Host Tonight

The day after Friday the 13th, John Goodman celebrates his thirteenth time as host of Saturday Night Live, with musical guests Kings of Leon. This puts him third for number of times as host, with Alec Baldwin the reigning champ at 16 and Steve Martin second with 15.

I am crossing my fingers for some olllllld school cameos (many are speculating that, with this being the season finale, SNL will bring out the big guns). Goodman hasn't hosted the show since 2001, so hopefully they'll make this a big night for him.

So, let's kick it off; jump into the comments and tell us what you think of the episode!

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Are your Jez screen names like your secret identities that you protect with your lives? Or do people in your real lives know who you are on Jez? A friend IRL asked me my screen name and I didn't want to tell her (and I didn't). I was worried I'd be too inhibited when commenting, but I'm kind of crazy about privacy. Also, do any of you have friends/partners/SO's who post on Jez and you know each other's screen names?