Open Thread: Happy 100 Years, Planned Parenthood

Margaret Sanger speaking before a Senate committee to advocate for federal birth control legislation in Washington. Image via AP.
Margaret Sanger speaking before a Senate committee to advocate for federal birth control legislation in Washington. Image via AP.

On October 16, 1916, Margaret Sanger, along with two other women, opened the nation’s first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. They were promptly arrested, but that clinic evolved into what eventually became Planned Parenthood, one of the most important health resources for women across the country.


That Planned Parenthood exists occasionally strikes me as a miracle. As a freelancer with worthless insurance, the ability to march into a Planned Parenthood and receive a battery of services for free or close to it has very nearly moved me to tears. When I read stories like this one from Fox News, (written by anti-woman hatemonger David Daleiden) about how Planned Parenthood is nothing but a purveyor of murdered baby parts, I want to toss my computer into a lake. Planned Parenthood provides abortions, thank god, but those only account for three percent of its services. Its detractors don’t care about the breast exams, the HIV tests, the prenatal care or any of the other essential, life-saving offerings that the clinic provides to anyone who walks through its heavily-fortified doors. They haven’t taken the time to read the facts inconvenient to their narrative, and I guess they don’t have to. It must be nice to speak from a place of such self-appointed authority and staggering privilege that you’re free to forge whatever misguided opinions you want.

But this isn’t about them—not today, damn it. Nearly every woman has a story about how Planned Parenthood has helped—or saved—their lives. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Happy birthday, Planned Parenthood. We’re thankful you’re here.



Alright y’all. Buckle your seatbelts. I know you’re prob tired of hearing about the Donald but I haven’t found a good venue to talk about this until this post.

A few days ago I posted an account of a few instances of sexual assault and harassment on my Facebook page, basically telling most of my friends that if they still support trump that they’re contributing to a culture that allows these things to happen to me and every woman. I got a lot of nice comments from strangers And FIVE separate women I’ve barely talked to messaged me afterwards telling me their personal stories of rape and assault.

Now most have my family has been really supportive. Except for my parents. My dad sent me a text yesterday telling me it was “too much for facebook” and that “my grandma would see it” and that I needed to take it down. Are you kidding me?? I don’t really care that much about social media so I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I had to delete the post but is he for real acting like my grandmother has never faced harassment in her life and would be shocked to hear it happened to someone in her family?

My mom on the other hand hasn’t contacted me at all in the past few days and when I’ve tried to call her she doesn’t answer.

I know this is probably a really silly thing to get upset over but I kinda thought my parents were better than this, and I thought I’d get more support from people I actually cared about than some internet strangers. Also this whole election cycle has me pretty upset in general. I’m reliving a lot of things and remembering all of these instances of assault and harassment that I ignored before and it’s a lot to deal with.

Any words of support y’all can offer me would be awesome.