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Open Thread: Are You Enjoying the Holiday Like a Famous Person?

Today is July 4th, if that means anything to you!

Personally, I’ve been surprised by the untempered Fourth of July celebration messages being thrown around my various social media timelines. If there’s ever been a year when I would be embarrassed to exhibit patriotism, it’s this one. But celebrities are celebrating with their arms wide open, and I am celebrating by working from home in my underwear. Wherever you are, however you’re feeling about America, use the comments to vent or sing joyful praises. I am taking a nap.


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As cliché as it sounds, I love this country. This country gave refuge to my entire family, and I will be grateful for as long as I live. And entirely understand that this country has not been as generous or as good to other peoples. I was not brought here in chains nor were my people indigenous and decimated, and anger and criticism and distaste in these cases is the absolutely appropriate response. Reparations must be made. And they will never be sufficient.

And when I walk down the streets of my tiny suburban town, and still hear Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, and Portuguese: I am proud and happy to live in this vibrant fabric of many cultures. And immensely saddened and remorseful for the disappearance of Navajo, of Ohlone, of Zuni, of Tunica and of Karuk.

We have a long way to go. But I am grateful. Not proud. Not better than. But grateful. I am not about to go into the streets to wave a flag or even drink and watch fireworks but I am grateful to live in this democracy as muddling as it may be, as flawed as it may be.

We have and are betraying many of our fellow citizens; this is not debatable. Children are still hungry at night. Many are subject to abuse. Many of us are without desperately needed medical care (jinni is in this boat). But so many dedicated citizens are aware and working towards a more fair and equitable, just country. And for them I am grateful as well.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight, y’all! Righteous dissent is patriotic.