Ontario Is Considering Making Non-Vaccinating Parents Take a Damn Science Class

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Ontario is considering a bill that would require parents who want an immunization exemption to sit through an “education session” on why vaccines are good and important for public health.


That’s according to the CBC (via Quartz). Ontario currently requires school kids to receive a specific slate of vaccines or face suspension—unless they have an exemption. But a proposed bill would mandate that in order to get one of those exemptions, parents would have to “complete an education session offered by their local public health unit before children are exempted from getting vaccinated.”

The announcement explains that, “Details on the education sessions for those considering non-medical exemptions to school vaccine requirements will be determined through consultations with public health units and other stakeholders.”

The bill would also make things easier for parents who do vaccinate, but do not keep up with paperwork very well:

The legislation would also require health-care providers to report to the public health unit what vaccines are given to children, in an attempt to reduce school suspensions over out-of-date immunization records.

It falls on parents or guardians to ensure children’s vaccination records are up to date, so the change would reduce that burden while strengthening the reporting system.

God bless the patient, brave souls who will teach this class if the bill passes.

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Are the Canadian anti-vaxxers as nuts about this as American anti-vaxxers? I didn’t even know anti-vaxxing in Canada was a thing, pardon my ignorance. I always just assume our neighbors to the north talk funny, but have better sense with matters such as these. Are they also like “DERP DERP but religious freedom and autism and curing my kid with coconut oil!”, too? Help me understand.